Car Transporters Rejoice!

Owner operators conducting car shipping services for an American car transportation firm in Ohio will be glad to hear that the Ohio Department of Transportation has decided it’s time to invest in the road transportation infrastructure of Ohio’s bridges. The Ohio Department of Transportation recently announced that it would be investing about $88 million of its current fiscal budget on paying for the replacing of the aging Jeremiah Morrow Bridge, which is located between Columbus and Cincinnati in the beautiful state of Ohio and connected via Interstate 71. This is great news for auto shipping firms with large loads that need to use this bridge, because the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge is currently closed to trucks of large size and weight, and this bridge is an important transport route for transport vehicles in Ohio.

Sources surrounding this affair indicate that the Ohio Department of Transportation has found a service provider to help during the construction of the project, which will include the replacing of the existing deck trusses with concrete cast-in-place segmental box structure trusses using the balanced cantilever method of bridge construction. The construction of this replacement for the aging Jeremiah Morrow Bridge is expected to take about four years, so it won’t be anytime soon that this bridge will be open to large transport vehicles. It’s also expected to have no effect on the current flow of two lanes of traffic in either direction and the 60,000 vehicles a day that travel on the bridge, according to sources at the Ohio Department of Transportation, which is nice to hear.

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