Car Transporters Will Need Hands-Free Device Soon

Car hauling drivers that plan to be on the roads of Manitoba in July and the years ahead that need to use a cell phone while operating an automobile transport should probably start thinking about using a hands-free device to talk on their cell phone while working in Manitoba. Starting around the middle of July car transport drivers will be required to be using a hands-free device in order to talk on their cell phone while conducting car shipping duties in Manitoba, so you might as well get a head start and get use to using a hands-free device early. Car movers that fail to do so could be fined as much as $200, which is no small sum in today’s auto transport industry.

This news might surprise some transport professionals as it was previously reported by some sources that the new requirements would start on June 11. The amendment in question, which banned using handheld electronic devices while driving a transport vehicle, was first passed on June 11, 2009 and was scheduled to become law exactly one year later. The real date of implementation of the amendment to the rules to begin is July 15, according to the latest sources, which gives drivers a little more time to prepare for the changes. This is probably good news for some drivers, while it certainly won’t hurt others if the rules take a little longer than they thought, before implementation.

The one good news in this announcement, other than the change of date of implementation, is that CB radios will be exempt from the ban on handheld electronic devices. Still, the change to the rule is on the way and drivers should probably start thinking about making the change that will be required in the future to allow them to keep using their cell phones while operating a transport vehicle on the roads of Manitoba.

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