Connecticut Car Haulers

Truck drivers and car shipping companies were asked by the state of Connecticut to participate in a study on the use of corrosive de-icing products on the roads to keep them from freezing over.  These items are used quite frequently when conditions call for such a product and are very important in the auto transport industry.  The Connecticut lawmakers heard testimonies from the study to get a better idea of the thoughts from drivers and companies.  The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut believed it to be a good idea that the commissioner of the Department of Transportation started the study of the effects of the corrosive mixture of liquid calcium chloride and salt that was first used on the vehicle shipping roads and highways of Connecticut during the ‘06/’07 winter months.

Close sources to truck drivers that asked for the study indicated that a wide range of drivers planned on showing up for a public meeting on the affair at hand with truck parts that had been damaged from the corrosive materials.  They wanted people to see firsthand how these products were causing heavy-duty car transport truck failures and increasing truck repair bills. 

Connecticut was one of the last states in the nation to switch over from the sand/salt mix to a salt/chemical mixture, according to the Department of Transportation.  The agency is pleased with the results and has had few complaints about the newly converted material.

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