Control Auto Shipping Rates With IntelliRoute

Transport firms and drivers in the business of great auto transport reviews implementing Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute to help deliver cars on time and budget will be interested in the latest addition to this transport tool. Rand McNally has introduced two new transport-specific GPS units to the features of IntelliRoute incorporating some of the ideas the transport industry and auto transport drivers using this tool have requested. Called the 5-inch IntelliRoute TND 510 and the larger, high-definition 7-inch IntelliRoute TND 710, these two virtual dashboards allow drivers to quickly view sunrise or sunset, determine speed and altitude and other essential data.

Rand McNally indicates that the IntelliRoute TND 510 and 710 allow drivers to also calculate the time to destination using the available data on traffic ahead and even find alternate routes to destination when required. Drivers can pinpoint exactly where they’re along an interstate using mile markers and these units provide users with more information on the location of transport-specific points of interest along your route, like truck washes, towing and maintenance services, and even specific information to help car carriers taking vehicles to destination in Canada.

Transport drivers and firms that want to check out Rand McNally’s new additions to IntelliRoute should contact the company directly for more information, or stop by a local dealer of Rand McNally products to see what they have on hand. This could be another way for you to enhance the transport services you provide and save more money and time during the miles ahead.

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