Covered bridges in Vermont take a hit from Irene

On Sunday, Hurricane Irene ruined many of Vermont’s most famous wooden bridges. The bridges were either covered by debris, had a fallen tree on it, or were barely intact. Most of these bridges have been there for over a hundred years. Vermont has around a hundred covered bridges and these bridges are an important part of there heritage. Information is still trying to be collected about the bridges and roadways but they for sure know that thirty of the bridges are shut down and that there is no access to ten of the towns. Senate President Pro Tempore John Campbell said that many people were crying over the destruction over the bridge in Quechee because it is such a large part of the town it is almost like a gazebo to them. The top of the bridge was able to withstand the hurricane but the majority of the base is gone. Luckily the Quechee Bridge may be repairable. Having to replace a bridge is difficult because not everyone is qualified to do that but it is the next best option for them since these bridges are so important to there community. David Wright, the president of the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, said that Vermont has done a good job maintaining the covered bridges and are seen as a major part of there landscape.

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