DC Auto Shows

Sunday was always a big day in Washington, DC where I grew up because this was the day that all the historic car buffs could drive their cars on the road without penalty. There is a law that says the owners will not have to pay any taxes on their historic cars, if they use them only for show, and drive them only on Sundays. So every Sunday we would see antique car buffs riding around town, and up and down the highways.

Occasionally, we would see convoys of them; cars, motorcycles, modified street legal things, making their way north to car shows that almost always attracted anyone who saw them drive by. The drivers of these cars were as interesting to look at as the cars were themselves. I can remember one tractor trailer in particular that was loaded with all kinds of classic cars, heading north on one of these special Sundays. Clearly, he was going to the car show, and he was being followed by all the owners of his precious cargo. To this day, you will still see the occasional Sunday when all the Historic cars are out, only they will not be driven like just any other car. They will be professionally loaded and protected in order to preserve their value. You can be sure the auto transport industry is well aware of this market, and caters to meet them.

If you have an antique, modified, or classic car that you want to drive around town, let a professional auto transport company take you there, so you don’t have to be concerned about picking up stone chips and more mileage. Save your driving for where it really counts and go with a car shipping professional.

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