Decelerating Car Transports Produce Electricity?

Car transports stopping at toll booths, traffic intersections, rest areas, and even border crossings along the transport highways of the United States of American in the years ahead in the century of the environment could be generating enough energy to power the electrical needs of the auto shipping company they work for. The latest idea in electric generation using the power of heavy-duty transports is to capture the energy of the decelerating car hauling transports traveling along the highways of America in the future and use it to provide electrical energy for the heavy-duty trucking industry. In a few years time this system could even be used to power the electrical needs of weigh stations and other facilities in America and that the opportunities for using the power created by decelerating transports on the roads of the United States are increasing.

Say hello to MotionPower-Heavy technology by New Energy Technologies, a possible alternate source of energy for the car hauling industry of the future that will be tested on the roads of the United States this year at trucking facilities, warehouses, transportation depots, weigh stations and truckstops, if New Energy Technologies has its way. The company is planning a first testing of MotionPower-Heavy technology’s ability to produce electrical energy while decelerating on the highways of the United States at an unnamed cargo port in the Northeast of the United States in the days ahead. They also plan to be on the road this summer traveling around the United States of America giving two day demonstrations to Americans that are interested in their MotionPower-Heavy technology.

How does New Energy Technology’s MotionPower-Heavy technology work? Designed to be an unseen and unfelt power generation system that doesn’t take away from a car transports fuel economy or add to the wear and tear of the automobile transport in question. MotionPower-Heavy technology captures the kinetic energy of a decelerating truck using embedded systems in the roadways and works on even ground, so there’s no ramp to travel up, and drivers to date have reported not even knowing New Energy Technology’s MotionPower-Heavy technology is even in use.

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