Disoriented Car Hauler in FL?, Winds Up in Ditch Headed Wrong Way

Here’s an interesting story about a car hauler crash in southern Florida. The hauler turned over in a ditch at 2:30PM heading eastbound on FL-66 just west of Sebring. The driver was stated to have been bringing a full load of used cars back from Nova Auto Sales to a customer in north Florida; his story was that he had to dodge an oncoming car and found himself in the ditch.

There’s a problem with that story; the Nova Auto Sales that shows up on a Google search is in Miami, which is where the driver in question lives. If the driver were heading north with a load of trucks from Miami, he would not likely being heading eastbound on FL-66. There isn’t a good reason to be heading east into Sebring if you were coming from Miami heading north. The driver would have had to have gone further west, then doubled back east on FL-66 for some reason.

He might be logically heading westbound, having taken US-27 north out of the Miami area; truckers often use US-27 in that area as an alternative to other north-south highways in order to avoid weigh stations. The trucker could then jogged over on FL-66 in Sebring to grab US-17 heading north towards Winter Haven and Lakeland; even there, using US-98 a bit further north to hook up with US-17 would have made more sense if he was angling towards I-75.

Given that background, the driver here may have been a bit disoriented or somewhat less than truthful. The DOT was looking into the case and there might be reason to double-check the car transport driver in this case.

Source: http://www.newssun.com/news/0210-eb-truck-accident

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