Essential Car Transport Road Tool

One piece of essential car shipping equipment that every car transport professional needs to take on the road with them is a Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas. Rand McNally just updated the Motor Carriers Road Atlas, with a new version that according to Rand McNally includes new maps and content essential for car transporters to take with them on their road trips. An indispensible road tool that you should always have in the cab of your car hauling vehicle, the new Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas is the commercial transport drivers helping hand when they need to find their way to destination in an efficient and reliable manner in the United States of America.

Rand McNally worked closely with professional transport drivers out on the transport highways of the United States to make improvements and additions to this edition that are designed to help transport professionals navigate the transport roads of America. They have apparently added things like completely revised state and province maps, including updated mileages, additional suburb, town and small city names, and better urban area representation to help transport professionals navigate the transport routes of America in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Updated highway maps show the newest truck roadways as designed by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) or highways that have been designated for transport vehicles and the new city maps include insets of downtown areas.

Rand McNally didn’t stop there as the new edition has redesigned maps that more accurately display the curvature of the roads and are easier to read. The updated charts include more than 800 changes that have been made to truck-specific state contact information, such as operating authority contacts, emergency police and even vehicle registration. The new Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas also features roads and information to assist over-the-road trucking operations, such as detailed coverage of the state-designated truck routes and STAA-designed routes, and even updated coverage of the rules and regulations concerning the transport of hazardous materials.

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