From Tractors to Supercars, Lamborghini Veneno is the Newest of the Bunch

About 50 years ago, Ferruccio Lamborghini was made famous from his finely built tractors in Italy, but his passion was more for sports cars.  So with this, he turned his sights on building a better, faster car than his rival in Italy, Enzo Ferrari.  He established Automobili Lamborghni in 1963 and it has now grown to be one of the most well-known brands in the automobile world.

Even long after the death of both Enzo and Ferruccio, their brand names continue to thrive and awe the masses.  The corporate rivalry has increased both companies’ sales and has only helped the two brands become more powerful.  At the recent Geneva Auto Show this year, Lamborghini brought out a beast that no one had ever seen before: the extremely exclusive Lamborghini Veneno. 

What many thought would be the fastest car on the market with such a high price tag, ironically it’s not!  This $3.9 million cost of the Veneno nearly tripled the value of the new hyper-hybrid LaFerrari.  Both super cars exceed 350 km/hr but the Lamborghini took the cake with its massive pre-tax sticker price.

Talk about exclusive!  Only 3 Venenos were built and all three were pre-sold.  This is also considered one of the most extreme Lamborghinis in their showroom due to its over-the-top futuristic styling.  With scissor-style doors, large rear spoiler, air scoop mounted on the roof and “shark fin” stabilizer, the Veneno is far more than just a car….it’s a showpiece!

Many people may like it but there are many naysayers that just think it’s too much for them.  Many would rather have the sleeker LaFerrari because it’s a third of the cost and doesn’t look as outrageous. 

In comparison, the LaFerrari combined a gas engine with an electric motor to conservce fuel and and reduce CO2 emissions while the Veneno and its 6.5 liter V12 knows nothing of the sort (what is green?)

Let’s just compare the two real quick:

Lamborghini Veneno
Ferrari LaFerrari
Engine Size
6.5 liter V12
6.3 liter V12
0-60 Mph
2.8 seconds
Less than 3 seconds
Top Speed
221 Mph
230 Mph

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