Future Car Transport of Renault Vehicles

Car haulers that have experience moving cars manufactured by Renault will be glad to know that Renault has been at work on a generation of environmentally-friendly vehicles through the Renault Eco program. Renault held a 2010 Environmental Workshop last week to let the world and auto transport industry see the progress it has made on this next generation of green Renault vehicles. The reports from those that attended the workshop was mixed, but for the most part those that attended were surprised by the technological wonders that they got to take a look at, and many commented that they couldn’t wait to see what Renault was planning next?

What kind of technologies was Renault showcasing at its 2010 Environmental Workshop? Renault must have seen the numbers that indicated that Americans would prefer to see vehicles that implement technologies that increase the efficiency of traditional internal combustion engines and conventional transmissions because the technologies they showed off at the workshop were apparently based on this idea. The most recent estimates by the vehicle manufacturers and other experts indicates that they feel electric vehicles will only represent around 10 percent of the vehicles sold by the time the calendar comes around to the year 2020. This means that the majority of cars being transported on auto transport carriers in the future will still be vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

This probably isn’t a surprise to many car shipping professionals that most of the cars that will be transported to market in the years ahead will continue to operate on internal combustion engines. After all, the evolution of cars into the zero-emissions space-age vehicles all the experts talk and dream about is certainly going to take longer than the experts estimate.

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