Good News for Car Shipping in America!

Car transport firms that have been watching the bottom line of their auto transport services very closely will be glad to hear that the national price of diesel was at about $2.924 today, compared with about $2.956 a week ago. The latest sources at the United States Energy Information Administration indicate and around the American car shipping industry report that the price of on-highway diesel has gone down by 3.2 cents from a week ago and appears to have gone down in every reported area of the United States. Reports have the price of diesel down in the Midwest regions of America the most, with a recorded drop of about 4 cents over the past week or so. The price of on-highway diesel reported went down by about 3.6 cents in the Central Atlantic regions of America during the same period of time, while the East Coast of the United States recorded a drop in the price of on-highway diesel of about 3.1 cents, and car movers in California reported a drop of about 1.5 cents.

This is great news for car hauling services across the United States and the differences in the price of on-highway diesel could even have some car transporters deciding to pick and choose where and when they purchase diesel. Still, fueling up for car transporters on the roads of America is costing less this week, and hopefully this continues to be the trend as we travel further along the car hauling roads of the century of the environment. Car movers should probably expect the price of diesel to continue to go up and down in time with the price of a barrel of US crude oil though and make plans that take this into account.

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