Hard Times for Drivers as DOT Playing with Road Money

Hard times are ahead for the drivers who have driven on a state road system that has been underfunded and unmaintained because of the state and nation dealing with a decrease in revenues and costs rising. A process was supposed to be established by the Legislatures overhaul of the state department of transportation that was mandatory for all projects to be ranked to decide the projects to be funded. However, this process isn’t used all of the time. According to the chairman of the senate transportation committee several people who are unhappy with the transport rankings ignore them which are not okay to do. If no alterations are made in the funding process on how the state uses its road money things will become critical. Proposals adopted by Congress could cause federal aid to be cut by $200 million next year. The transportation Secretary said there are two decades of road work that needs to be done which would end up costing billions. The agency’s buying ability isn’t as good as it used to be because of inflation. $344 million is being borrowed to work on multiple projects but the I-75 project is being disproved of because people think it is not need. Many states have come up with there own different funding ideas because they can’t rely on federal funding.

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