Help for Drowsy Car Transporters

Car shipping professionals conducting auto transport on the automobile transport roads and highways of the United States of America that implement Takata Electronic’s SafeTrak 3 product on their car transport vehicles will be glad to hear that Takata Electronics has announced they’re adding a new driver alertness feature to their SafeTrak 3 system. The new feature add to Takata Electronic’s SafeTrak 3 system apparently detects, monitors, and even alerts users of erratic driving that could indicate the driver needs to take a rest or weaving within lanes that could indicate inadvertent lane departures. This new feature is a great addition to Takata Electronic’s SafeTrak 3 vehicle monitoring software that tracks the time of day, number of alerts, and variability in the driving performance of car hauling transport drivers. It should also help users better understand their own driving patterns and make adjustments to improve overall road safety of the auto shipping services they provide, according to sources.

Car transporters face a host of distractions while on the roads and streets of the United States of America conducting vehicle transportation services and this can include drowsiness and Takata Electronic’s SafeTrak 3 system algorithims can help operators better manage their driving so they know to stop for a rest, what time of day it’s in the region they’re currently operating and measure their driving performance in real time, according to sources. The new driver alertness feature they just added can also diagnose a driver’s inattention by monitoring the vehicles performance within the lane and then provide an alert to let the driver know to take a rest or pay more attention to the task at hand. Simply put using Takata Electronic’s SafeTrak 3 system can save possibly save lives, improve the efficiency of your car transport services, and possibly even cut costs somewhere down the road.

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