Helping Car Transport Firms Find Drivers

Transport fleets and firms in the car shipping business looking for another way to screen the drivers they hire to make sure cars are delivered on time and budget can stop looking. HireRight has announced the introduction of the HireRight DAC Edition, which gives trucking driver recruiters access to employment applications used to conduct background screening, drug and health testing and I-9 verification and contingent driver screening for transport firms around the United States of America during the miles ahead, and all from a single interface. Great news for transport fleets looking for a better way to screen the drivers they hire to make sure vehicles are delivered in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner as we head into the second century of the environment in the United States of America.

HireRight has indicated they think this new tool will allow transport firms that ship cars for a living find the drivers they need to make sure their transport services are both professional and reliable during the months and years ahead in the business of transporting cars to destination. A possible new benchmark for screening drivers in the trucking industry and a better way to manage a comprehensive screening program, while at the same time enhancing the efficiency of transport services, reducing the cost of transport, and keeping drivers in line with the current rules and regulations for transporting cars on the roads and highways of the United States.

The car transporter that wants to check out HireRight’s new HireRight DAC Edition should contact the company directly for more information, or drop by a local dealer of HireRight products to see what they have on hand. This could be a better way to find the drivers you need to keep your transport services current and on time during the miles ahead.

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