Highway funding in Maine is more worrisome than its pothole ridden roads

The roads in Maine are so bad that there is now a contest to see which road is the worst. The winners based on photos and stories on collapsed bridges, failed culverts and gaping potholes this is set up by the Maine Better Transportation Association. Vehicle transporters are trying to reroute themselves as to not get into the mess. This might cause a slight delay in pickup or delivery times of clients interested in car shipping. Not only are upset drivers and highway maintenance crews complaining about the roads but so are legislators. Lawmakers and highway maintenance advocates are saying that the state is going to end up facing extreme decrease in transportation funding. Also, there is a decrease in revenue base from fuel tax which is being battered as cars are becoming progressively more proficient and need less fuel. The MBTA President Randy Mace said that improvements to Maine’s highways and bridges will be $230 million less then its current two year finances. The Road Information Program, a transportation organization based in Washington said that at recent funding levels, numerous desired highway projects will not go on, pavement conditions on main roads will get worse and more miles of Maine will be limited to lighter cars. Since there is a loss in fuel tax the money is going to have to be made up somehow which is going to be difficult because highways are getting less money from federal government and state general funds.

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