Home Away From Home, shipping your car ahead of you

Thinking of traveling for at least a week somewhere in the US? Why not ship your car there and save the added rental car fees? Car shipping your own personal vehicle to another state is a lot more economical that you think.

I remember driving to Florida a while ago, and instead of trying to stay awake for the 12 hour drive, I shipped my car to Tampa, and rode a train down to meet it. I got to relax, eat at my leisure, watch a movie and walk around, while my car spent the day tucked into a safe and secure trailer, avoiding all the bugs, stones, and traffic tickets.

Once there, the auto transport companies arranged to have my car delivered to me, so I never missed a beat. As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to travel long distances. I get the rest I needed, without the hustle and bustle of airports and being cramped into a small space for 12-14 hours, and I did it all for a little less money, too.

If you need to travel this season, check out a reputable auto transport company and see how to take the edge off your trip. There is something about being in your own car, in a different city, that makes you feel like you own the place. Instead of just visiting, go live there for a week, or however long you plan on staying. And make sure you do it in your own home away from home.

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