How to Get Good Customer Service in Car Transport

Two key factors in auto transport carriers are price and service. Finding car carriers that offers both is not such an easy task. If you have to pick just one, make sure you go for service. When it comes to service, there are only a few carriers who can say without a doubt that they are reliable, trustworthy and care about their customers.

Why is service so important? Because the cheapest rate can mean the company is using practices to transport your car that you may not be so happy about. They may be contracting to smaller carriers who don’t really care about what happens after they drop off the car. Smaller contracts mean another person in the mix when you are trying to sort out any problems with the transport.

What level of expectation should you have in customer service? Good car transport companies pick up your car and give you a chance to inspect it with the driver for any damage. This ensures that you can trust the carrier you are working with.

Reputable companies keep their appointments. They will be there to pick up your car when scheduled because they want you to be there so there are no questions later about any damage that might happen to your car during transport. Good customer service means developing that sense of trust so there are fewer problems if any damage does occur during transport.

Tracking is another that helps you build trust with a car transport company. You can go online and find out where your car is during the trip. This kind of communication puts you at ease and lets you know you have a carrier that does provide the level of service you expect.

You truly get what you pay for in auto transport. If you choose your car transport carrier based just on the rate, you may not be making the best choice.

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