How to Manage Car Shipping for Online Auctions

So you’re looking at a sweet deal on a classic car at an online auction. Before you place that bid, take a minute to learn about the best ways to protect your investment during car shipping. There are a few steps you must take between getting that car at auction and actually getting it to your door.

Online auctions don’t take care of the auto shipping for you. They don’t even partner with any providers so you can at least have some sense of trust. You have to pick your own. Take the time to investigate a shipper’s experience dealing with online auction purchases. You won’t be there to inspect the car when it is picked up so make sure you ask some questions.

Even if you already feel comfortable with the car shipping company you choose, take a minute to get a quote before you place your bid. Find out about any extra costs, insurance or other concerns and get the full price before making a final decision. If it costs more to ship the car than it is worth, are you really getting a deal?

The cost of car shipping can vary depending on where the vehicle is being shipped from, what insurance options you choose and other factors. It is also important to check availability. How long will it be before the car transport company can pick up the car you buy? Make sure it is within the seller’s requirements.

Now you are ready to buy, but wait! What happens if there is a problem with the car once it arrives at your door? Although many auctions offer local inspection services, other things can go unnoticed. If there are problems with the car not addressed in the auction, you are not obligated to pay for the car. Call the seller and find out how you can return the car if everything is not in order or as advertised. If the seller cannot stand behind the vehicle, you may be better off waiting for the next sweet auction deal to come along.

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