I-80 Will be Closed to Car Transport Services

Car transport professionals that need to conduct auto shipping duties along the eastbound I-80 lanes after 11 p.m. on Wednesday between exits 401 and 405 might want to find another car shipping route to take, depending on their particular circumstances, as traffic along this route will be detoured through Lincoln until about 6 p.m. on Thursday morning. American car movers that need to move cars in a westbound direction along the same stretch of the I-80 will also need to be aware that these lanes will be closed after 11 p.m. Thursday and will reopen on Friday morning, at an unspecified time.

This lane closure is actually good news for transport vehicles that need to use the I-80 as they’ll be completing infrastructure work on overpasses and bridges in the Lincoln area that should make the business of shipping cars to destination along the I-80 easier to complete in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. The lane closures will depend on the weather at the time of the planned closures, according to the Nebraska Roads Department, so if the weather is bad, we can probably expect the work to be delayed a little? Should the weather be good though you can expect road construction crews to be at work at the prescribed times on Thursday and Friday.

The lanes should be opened to traffic relatively quickly though and the road crews in Nebraska have a reputation for getting the work done on time, so we should probably expect the work to be done on time and the lanes opened to traffic at the times indicated.

The Nebraska Roads Department has also indicated that the eastbound lanes between the 56th Street and Waverly interchanges will close Monday night at 11 and will reopen Tuesday morning, if everything goes as planned. Tuesday night the westbound lanes on this same stretch of road will be closed to traffic and they’ll be once again opened to transport vehicles on Wednesday morning.

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