I-83 to I-695 Bridge Improvements

Car transport drivers that were planning on traveling over the bridge (flyover ramp) from southbound I-83 (Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway) to eastbound I-695 (Baltimore-Beltway) and Maryland Highway 139 (Charles Street) may want to rethink there route. At the present moment in time the Maryland State Highway Administration has bridge construction crews working on the bridge and traveling over the bridge will be a little slow. There will be two lanes open to traffic during construction, but traffic will be split between them depending on the ramp the crews are working on.

There will actually be 3 phases of construction for the entire project to be completed. The first phase will shift the traffic flow to the right side of the ramp, so people traveling to the left are out of luck. Phase 2 of the project will create a barrier between the lanes that will split the traffic flow into one lane heading in each direction. Phase 3 of the project will shift the traffic flow to the left side of the bridge ramp, and people wanting to travel to the right over the bridge will be left out in the cold.

During each phase the bridge construction crews will take out and replace the top part of the concrete surface of the roadway and then resurface the ramp deck with new concrete.

They have presently finished phase 1 of the project and are now in phase 2, so if you were planning on this bridge you can do it in both directions, but expect it to take longer to get over to the other side.

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