I-85 toll project to add to traffic jams in regular lanes

On I-85 in Gwinnett and DeKalb counties, a new toll system will be opening next week making the drive for solo drivers a quick one. However, for other drivers next to the toll system they won’t have as pleasant of a ride because there will be an increase in traffic due to the project. A study has shown that the regular lanes will have an extra ninety cars per lane but the study also said that most drivers won’t even notice a difference. This will cause a delay in auto transport and the shipment of vehicles within the state. The State Road and Tollway Authority expect the cost of the toll to be about $4.8 million but after the first year it is expected to bring in $3.9 million in toll revenue. The toll is going to range from 10 cents to 90 cents per mile depending on congestion. However, drivers going round trip can expect to pay over twenty- five dollars. Many people, including Tim Lomax, believe that even though this might create a slow down to the main lane drivers, it will only cause a delay that is couple minutes longer but it won’t create a noticeable delay. N-Motion Auto Transport is aware of this situation and will continue to monitor current news in order to keep car shipping as efficient and timely as possible.

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