In Virginia, GOP double talk on transportation funding

Any major attempt to improve the car transportation network involves new funding and this has been addressed by many GOP candidates. One idea is for the state to get new income for transportation from offshore oil and gas drilling. However there are quite a few problems with this idea. First problem is the federal suspension on offshore drilling on the Atlantic seaboard. Another is that almost no exploration has been done in the area in 20 years. Even if Virginia tried this idea it would be at least five years before they saw any money from it. Another idea to come up with money is for Virginia to find money for transportation is to “reprioritizing” state spending. Some Republicans are saying that if the state won’t help that northern Virginia is going to have to figure out its transportation problem on its own. The plan is that northern Virginia will have to tax itself. The good thing is that the need for new taxes is known. This, however, would kind of shift the political risk for raising taxes from lawmakers in Richmond to local boards of supervisors. The major funding for transportation is gas taxes and the last time they were raised was in 1986. Auto carriers would be would then have to increase the cost of each item transported in order to compensate for the extra costs incurred. For all of your car shipping needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport and get a FREE QUOTE.

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