Inexperienced Car Haulers, They cost everyone

Car haulers can do a lot of damage to their cargo and to the rest of society. Not everyone who can drive a car or SUV can handle the job of auto transport. Like any other type of freight, expertise is essential. Appropriate training in the field is imperative—after all, you don’t just drive a car up onto a flatbed, chain it down, and then hit the road. Car haulers need to:

– Complete a certified training course—it benefits you and everyone else in the long run.
– Acquire the necessary liability insurance to cover their cargo, trailer, and truck…and other drivers they may “encounter” on the road.
– Know where to park their trucks to keep their cargo safe—whether they’re stopping for a quick bathroom break or overnight on a long haul.
– Be experienced at defensive driving—how many times have you seen an accident caused by someone swerving suddenly in front of a rig?
– Know how to properly park a trailer—flatbeds and enclosed containers don’t park themselves; they take finesse to maneuver.
– Understand that they can’t drive twenty-four hours a day and expect to get ahead.
– Know how to keep an up to date logbook.
– Understand the regulations concerning roadways trucking services—and there are a lot of regulations.
– Know how many cars their rig can handle.
– Know how to properly secure the cars in their load to avoid damaging them.

Truck driving schools are all over the country. Do yourself—and everyone else a favor—and sign up for one before attempting to haul anyone’s valuable car.

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