Information for Car Haulers

Owner operators working with car hauling firms in the United States to provide customers with top quality automobile transport services that drive a transport that implements Eaton’s UltraShift Plus heavy-duty automated transmission can now obtain an overview of Eaton’s transmission. Eaton has announced that it has released two new brochures outlining the features and benefits of Eaton’s UltraShift Plus heavy-duty automated transmission. Apparently, printed copies or downloadable versions of these 22-page brochures are available at no cost, so this makes it harder for car shipping professionals to come up with a reason to not take a look at the brochures.

What do these two brochures cover exactly? The first brochure (TRSL2505) takes a look at linehaul applications by providing an overview of the Linehaul Active Shifting (LAS), Multipurpose High Performance (MHP) and Multipurpose Extreme Performance (MXP) automated transmissions. This brochure also provides readers with information on drivetrain integration, gear selection logic and low-speed maneuverability, along with important data on fuel economy, safety and life cycle costs for each transmission is also covered in this new brochure.

The second brochure offered by Eaton is a vocational applications brochure (TRSL2506) that takes a look at the Vocational Construction Series (VCS), Vocational Multipurpose Series (VMS) and Vocational Extreme Performance (VXP) transmissions. It provides information on the amount Eaton claims users can save using their transmissions, along with any advantages the company believes users can gain by using an automated transmission versus a torque converter automatic transmission.

Eaton also claims its new family of automated UltraShift Plus transmissions features improved automated clutch technology and intelligent shfit selection software that uses grade sensing weight computation and driver throttle commands to make intelligent shift decisions while conducting auto transport services on the roads of America. We’ll let the professionals on the road determine the truth of this statement.

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