International Car Shipping Firms Merge?

The international car shipping business has been showing a few signs that it might be shipping cars to more destinations in 2010 and beyond of late. The signs in the water will certainly have been noted by international auto haulers that have been waiting for the signs and timing to be right for them to put plans into effect. This appears to be the case for the recent merger announcement by two of the world’s owners of fleets of international ocean car carriers. Eidsiva Rederi and Dyvi Shipping announced the other day they were working on a plan to begin doing combined fleet operations in the future and were thinking about building up their fleet of car moving vessels in order to do a lot more business in the years ahead.

At the moment, Eidsiva Rederi has a fleet of around 12 ocean vehicle carriers and Ro-Ro vessels, while Oslo-based Dyvi Shipping operates 5 pure vehicle carriers (PCC). Dyvi Shipping also boosts that they were the first to construct a vessel of this type in the early 1960s, but verifying this has been difficult.

At the moment facts surrounding this merger idea and how these two companies met and when they started courting has been difficult to find and they appear to be a little coy about the facts surrounding their affair.

What does the future hold for these two new business partners? Apparently, this new business entity is going to be making moves to build up their business in the future and expand operations. It could be this new partnership might be working with some of the big boys in the industry in the future as Dyvi Shipping according to sources in the business has a history of working long-term with some of the biggest and best in the business.

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