Invest in a New or Used Car Transporter

Transport firms in the United States thinking about investing in new or used car carriers in the last part of 2010 just got some good news. SelectTrucks just announced they’re extending the Down Payment Match promotion through until December 31, 2010. This means SelectTrucks will continue to help customers invest in a new or used transport vehicle, by matching up to 100 percent of the maximum 2,500 customers can claim of the down payment on their investment. It also means that qualifying customers can defer first loan payment for up to 90 days, with varying lengths that depend on eligibility, according to sources close to this affair.

The car shipping transport vehicles that are eligible for SelectTrucks Down Payment Match promotion program include 2005- 2007 Freightliner Century Class S/T models with various specs and mileage ranges. You should contact your local SelectTruck Center to obtain more information on the program and the particular transport trucks that are eligible for the Down Payment Match program. This program has helped small fleet owners and owner-operators add to the initial cash outlay for a new or used transport vehicle, according to sources around the transport industry of America.

This is great news for American auto shipping professionals that have been thinking about investing in new or used transports in the last part of 2010. The news that SelectTrucks is extending their Down Payment Match program is going to allow them to potentially add 2,500 to the down payment of any new or used transport vehicle they purchase. Now, they can use the money saved on some other expense that will help make their business operations more efficient and reliable.

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