Is it better to purchase a vehicle locally or out of state?

There are many pros and cons in purchasing a vehicle both in state and out of state.  Some markets are a little more favorable than others depending on the year, make, model, and vehicle type.  There is as much as $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 difference in pricing on several vehicles, new and used, from one sector of the region to another.  Dealerships make it easy for out of state buyers to purchase online and they provide the necessary documentation for auto transport so that you won’t have to pay the state tax where the vehicle was acquired.  Once the vehicle is registered within your state, that’s when you would just take care of the DMV fees and sales taxes within your own state.

Hypothetically, if you purchased an out of state vehicle for $30,000.00 (vs. the $33,000.00 local vehicle) and purchased car shipping services for $1000.00, you can already see the $2,000.00 savings.  Not only are you getting an out of state savings, your options are almost endless.   You now can choose the exact color and specific options that you want without that high dollar price tag.  Majority of the time, if you have specifics on what you want, the dealership will probably have to bring the vehicle from another location anyways and you will still have to pay the high dollar for it rather than being diligent and finding the vehicle yourself.

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