It’s That Time of Year Again…Family Road Trips Are in Full Effect and Safety is Always Most Important

The year is coming to an end and it’s the holidays again.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are all very popular occasions in which families decide to take road trips to visit loved ones all over the world.  Being organized and prepared for such trips is highly important because it’s hard to know what the road ahead has in store.

Car maintenance is number one on the to-do list, but if drivers constantly stay up to date with it there should be no worries.  Nothing says disaster more than being broken down on the side of the road with whining children in the back seat and a possible loss of cell phone coverage.  Responsible vehicle owners will get their cars serviced every 90 days or so and shouldn’t have much to worry about.  It’s good to have a trusty mechanic at your side to keep you current on all maintenance scheduling and quality workmanship.  Regular oil changes and diagnostics are especially important.  Some of the following services are recommended while having your oil changed; checking tire pressure, making sure windshield wipers aren’t dry rotted, all lights (including headlights, brake lights, etc.) and fluid levels (including motor oil, coolant, transmission, brake, windshield washer and most importantly anti-freeze.  Winter is the season in which anti-freeze is the most vital due to high chances of weather conditions hitting freezing levels.

It’s never a bad idea to get a roadside assistance service for the trip as well.  Most insurance firms will offer this and it’s especially important when traveling with small children and/or alone.  The services are typically very cost effective and could save drivers many headaches in the event of a breakdown. 

An emergency travel kit is highly recommended for every travel, whether it is a short trip or a long travel.  Unexpected delays happen far more often than not and drivers need to be prepared for such events.  A usual kit should include tools, first aid supplies, emergency rations, water, blankets, flashlights (with batteries), roadside flares, tire gauge, jumper cables, and a spare tire and accessories. 

Be sure that frequent stops are included in the trip as well.  It make hurt the time frame in which was anticipated to arrive at the destination, but it will surely make a difference.

For those who prefer to travel by airplane yet still want to use their own vehicles at their final destination, N-Motion Auto Transport offers services such as auto shippingcar shipping and enclosed transport.

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