Keeping a Handle on Auto Shipping Rates

The American car transporter that wants to keep a handle on the rates they charge customers for the services they provide might want to check out a new service offering by three service providers for the transport industry of the United States. Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Pressure Pro and Safety Vision have decided to join forces to create a new tool for transport professionals in America called SafetyTrax. A new method to monitor transports and overall fleet performance, SafetyTrax is a web-based system hosted by Safety Vision that brings together each transports computerized diagnostics using video monitoring and Rice Lake’s on-board vehicle weighing system.

Sources close to this partnership indicate that SafetyTrax is believed to be a solution unlike any currently available on the market for firms that ship cars in the United States. They believe that SafetyTrax will provide customers with tangible returns on their investment in their transport vehicles through fuel savings, extended tire life, reduced downtime, and improved driver performance. SafetyTrax provides fleet owners with online access to real-time vehicle data around the clock, including vehicle identification, start/stop times and durations, speed, location, weight, tire pressure, mechanical failures, and a lot more. Dispatch offices can receive instant alerts on a variety of possible transport problems and download the data for up to six months.

Car haulers that want to have a look at this new offering by this newly announced partnership between three service providers for the transport industry, should contact Rice Lake Weighing Systems directly for more information on SafetyTrax, and the possible benefits for their company. This could be just the thing that helps your transport firm improve its bottom line as it heads down the transport roads and you might want to check it out.

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