Keeping Track of Car Shipping Vehicles

Controlling car shipping prices for transport fleets and firms in the United States of America and the world is about making sure you know at all times where transport vehicles are and what they’re doing. Mentor Engineering has just announced the introduction of a web-based mobile workforce management solution for transport firms to implement during the miles ahead, called Mentor Fleet, that according to the company delivers automatic vehicle location (AVL), GPS, vehicle telematics, driver behavior monitoring, and reporting and maintenance capabilities. This is information that gives users the ability to streamline transport operations right from the desktop, using Cloud computing, according to Mentor Engineering, and provides car haulers with the ability to always know where and what transport vehicles are doing at all times of the work day.

The location of transport vehicles is updated regularly on a real-time map users can view, and important vehicle and driver information can be viewed quickly to help give users an idea of exactly what’s going on at all times. Mentor Fleet also tracks unnecessary idling, excessive speed, and the unauthorized use of a transport vehicles out on the roads and highways of America taking vehicles to destination on time and budget. A fleet management tool that could be perfect for helping the car transporter and transport firms in the business of delivering customers cars in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

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