Know the Facts about Auto Transport

There are several things that a consumer needs to take in consideration about vehicle shipping to anywhere in the nation or even internationally. Make sure that you do plenty of research on the companies that you might have in mind for your auto transport service. There are a lot of shady companies in this industry and we want to make sure that the consumers are getting all of the facts. Many companies lie about a wide array of things in order for you to book your load with them. These “lies” consist of altered time frames, far lower prices than what the load should be in order for it to get picked up in a timely manner (and then once you put down your deposit, they increase the price to what it should be or even higher), and whether they are just a Broker or a Carrier/Broker. Brokers are not asset based, so they do not have their own trucks but have access to several carriers around the nation. Good brokers, like N-Motion Auto Transport, do an extensive screening process and background check on each carrier before the job is contracted out. Broker/Carriers are asset based and have their own rigs, but often broker more than utilize their own trucks. To find out what category these companies fall under, check out SaferSys for further information.

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