Missouri Begins Fixing Flood-Damaged Roads

In northwest Missouri, the repairing of flood-damaged roads has started. However, transportation officials have said that many of the major highways are still under water and Interstate 29 is going to remain closed for awhile. On Tuesday the Missouri Department of Transportation said that work is being done on both U.S. 136 in Atchison County and U.S. 59 in Buchanan County. The department spokeswoman Melissa Black made the comment that since the flood this was the first time that they have been able to make some progress. Even though there is process being made there are still eighteen main roads that are still covered with water and because the interstate bridge in Iowa is still damaged Interstate 29 is going to continue to be closed as well. October 15th is when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers believes that Highway 59 is expected to be open but they are not sure how long the construction will take. Even though US 59 has 40-foot holes in sections of the highway, construction shouldn’t take longer than a couple weeks. On the other hand U.S. 136 has an estimated 500-foot gap in it and it is undetermined how long it will take to repair. This flood damage to the highways is going to make it difficult for car haulers.

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