MOL Develops Advanced Car Carrier Concept ISHIN-I

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), a multi-modal transportation company, developed an advanced eco-friendly car carrier concept, Innovations in Sustainability backed by Historically proven, INtegrated technologies (ISHIN-I or ishin one). MOL has refined existing technologies to develop the new concept. And in fact, the Japanese word ISHIN means complete reform or revitalization. The carrier will use large-capacity rechargeable lithium ion batteries and solar-power panels to achieve zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while loading and unloading, and the carrier is docked. CO2 emissions will be reduced by 41% to 50% while it is under way. The vessel will carry 6.400 standard passenger cars.

Contra-rotating propeller drive system combines an electric propulsion system and a diesel engine to optimize efficiency. The ISHIN-I will feature state-of-the-art propeller boss cap fins (PBFC), an energy-saving system of MOL which is already being used by 1,700 vessels. Improvements in hull shape will reduce wind pressure from the sides and bow. Ultra-low friction ship bottom paint will trap water on the coated surface, reducing friction drag by 10%. Optimum voyage support system uses up to date marine weather information and selects the most fuel-efficient and the shortest routes depending on hull type. The new vessel compatible with new Panama Canal will recover and reuse the energy from the exhaust gas. Electronic controls will enhance the engine, optimizing fuel supply.

MOL has also completed concept for ISHIN-II, a passenger and cargo ferry that will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) for power generation system and main engine. LNG based fuel will substantially reduce CO2, SOx and NOx emissions. The company will continue to design next-generation containerships, tankers, bulkships and ferries.

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