More Car Carriers Being Ordered?

American professionals in the business of shipping cars overseas will be glad to hear that one manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks has recently announced that it would be putting about 125 more Americans to work in the days ahead in the century of the environment. Mack already has about 750 Americans on its payroll at its Macungie plant and employs an additional 1,000 Americans that live in the Lehigh Valley area, according to sources close to this news. Add these new employees to Mack’s roster at this facility to the 75 workers that were recently recalled to this plant in June and it appears things are starting to heat up at Mack’s Macungie Plant in anticipation of producing more Mack trucks at this facility.

At this point the number of new employees that Mack expects to hire in order to take care of its ramped up production in its Macungie Plant is still in doubt and they could find that they need more workers to handle things at this plant. Mack has stated that they have received a very warm reception from American vehicle shipping professionals and all customers towards their new EPA 2010-compliant trucks, and a recent upswing in orders for their products that meet or beat the most stringent environmental regulations in the world. Great news for Mack, the Americans that will soon be returning to work, and the new employees of Mack that will soon be added to the roster at their Macungie Plant.

American auto shipping professionals that implement Mack trucks in their operations will be smiling when they hear this news about more Americans being put to work and others returning to work producing the trucks America needs in the months and years ahead in the century of the environment. Hopefully this trend continues and down the road we hear of more Americans returning to work in the truck manufacturing plants of the United States and new workers being added to the truck manufacturing industries roster.

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