N-Motion Auto Transport Now has More Trucks Running to Canada Due to the Influx of Canadian Car Collectors’ U.S. Purchases

Due to the resurgence of the U.S. dollar, Canadian car collectors are purchasing classic and antique vehicles at a rapid rate from U.S. sellers.  N-Motion Auto Transport has stepped up and increased operations to provide car shipping services to fulfill this high demand.

The U.S. dollar is back on the rise and Canadian car collectors are trying to take full advantage of the multitude of well-intact classic cars in the U.S. The United States is a great place to purchase older vehicles because there are more areas with ideal climate. Canada has very rough winters which tends to cause vehicle damage more frequently than not. So, Canadian collectors find it best to purchase vehicles from more ideal climates that will keep the value of the vehicle.

N-Motion Auto Transport now has more trucks running back and forth to Canada due to this high demand of classic cars being purchased in the U.S. They continue to follow the trends of the auto transport market so that they can continue to offer quality service to all sectors of the industry. Their increased trucking efforts to Canada has made car shipping and border crossing a breeze. N-Motion Auto Transport has quality relationships with customs agencies and can refer customers from any Canadian province to their designated provider.

N-Motion Auto Transport recommends classic cars to be shipped in their enclosed car carriers to avoid exposure to weather and debris from the long road ahead. Enclosed transport provides customers with peace of mind by utilizing hard side trailers with lift gates for cars with even the lowest of ground clearance.

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