N-Motion Auto Transport Tips for Shipping a Vehicle


When choosing to transport your vehicle, one should plan and schedule the auto shipping at least 3-4 weeks in advance before you move. This will give plenty of time to arrange for a car hauler to pick up your vehicle. The more time that is allotted, the better the price and availability of car movers. Make sure that someone, that is trustworthy, will be available at the time of pickup and delivery for multiple reasons. N-Motion Auto Transport offers a Door-to-Door service, which makes it easier for customers to go on with daily activities and not having to sit in a parking lot somewhere waiting on an dependable auto shipper. Some residential neighborhoods do not permit certain sized vehicles to enter the area. So, in that case, the driver will get as close as he can to the front door by asking the shipper to meet at a nearby shopping center or garage for the pickup or delivery of the vehicle.


This is a very important aspect of the auto transport process. Make sure the company that you choose to transport your vehicle has adequate insurance to cover the full value of the vehicle. A BOL (bill of lading) will be filled out on the condition of the vehicle for any dents, scratches, or damages of any sort. This will be signed by both parties at pickup and delivery. ALWAYS check the vehicle for any damages and take pictures too if you feel more comfortable, for these will come in handy if any unclaimed damages are noted at delivery.

Personal Belongings or Household Goods:

The driver of the car carrier is not responsible for any item left in the vehicle before, during, or after it has been delivered. Make sure to remove any personal possessions prior to pickup. If something does have to go with the vehicle, notify the driver and place it in the trunk for safe storage.

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