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N-Motion Auto Transport is here to facilitate all of your auto shipping needs.  Auto Transport is more important than ever before. In today’s economy the best way to save money would be auto transport vs. driving. Driving a vehicle over long distances can possibly add up to thousands of dollars in wear and tear. The possibility of getting into an accident, theft, breakdown, or nail in the tire is greatly increased the more you drive. These are just a few examples of the hazards waiting for your vehicle on the open road. </p

Auto transport services

Why spend money on extra expenses that are not necessary? Car shipping is the most economically sound way to transport your vehicle to its new destination without having to worry about wear and tear on your vehicle. To understand this better, let’s compare driving vs. car transport.

First, once your vehicle is loaded onto an open or enclosed trailer your vehicle will stay on that same trailer till it arrives at its destination. This ensures the protection and safety of the vehicle from road hazards that one would encounter if driving the vehicle yourself.

Second, auto transport is a better way to go rather than driving because of the miles that would be saved from driving that distance. This is another way to save money; by not having to depreciate the value of your vehicle by adding all those extra miles to the odometer.


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The most money can be saved by auto transport vs. driving if an accident were to happen. Now, you’re probably thinking how can this be? Let’s say you choose to drive your vehicle cross-country instead of shipping it and your car is either damaged by another driver without insurance or is damaged by road hazards, who’s going to pay for this? The answer is you, and it could come out to a lot. Now, with the same scenario, if that vehicle is on an auto transport trailer and damage occurs then the transport company’s driver will pay for repairs.
With this information in mind it’s clear to see which option is best. Remember, your vehicle is not just your car, but rather an investment that you want to keep as safe as possible by choosing an auto transport service.

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