Need a Bumper for Your Auto Shipping Transport?

Having a strong bumper on your auto transport can protect the body of your transport vehicle from the little bumps that are very expensive to fix and a new bumper makes your truck look professional and ready for work. Alliance Parts is now offering transport professionals of the United States of America a variety of customizable aftermarket bumpers suitable for about a dozen major truck brands that can protect your transport vehicle while out on the roads and highways of North America. Available options for these customizable aftermarket bumpers includes chrome, painted steel and stainless steel bumpers for about 130 different models of heavy duty transport trucks.

Sources in the business of shipping cars overseas indicate that Alliance’s website has a bumper configuration tool that allows users to select the shape, size and cutouts that best suit their transport vehicle. Meaning that with just a few clicks you can create the perfect bumper design for your heavy duty transport vehicle and then print it out and head over to see your Alliance dealer to get the bumper you desire. Sources also indicate that these bumpers are made in the USA, and delivery is fast and reliable, which will minimize the amount of time your transport vehicle is in the shop.

If you’re a car transporter that wants to check out these customizable aftermarket bumpers contact Alliance Parts directly, or stop by one of the 1,000s of retail locations across North America providing Alliance Parts for the transport industry.

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