New Auto Shipping Drive Tire

Transport firms and drivers shipping cars overseas for a living looking for a new driver tire to help them deliver cars in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way during the weeks and months ahead on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America can stop looking. Kelly Tires has recently rolled out a new transport wheel for heavy-duty trucks designed and engineered to provide exceptional traction during pickup and delivery of vehicles that the company believes will help car shipping firms save money and time during the miles ahead and help enhance the transport services they provide.

Called Kelly KTD, this new drive tire for heavy duty transport vehicles come in 225 and 224/70R19.5 sizes, and feature a strong traction-block tread design with 400 molded-in sipes to help enhance the traction of transport vehicles out on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America, according to Kelly Tires. Kelly KTD drive tires also feature tough rubber compounds to help resist chunking, chipping and scrubbing of tires while vehicle shipping on the road, and a tread radius to evenly distribute pressure for even wear.

Vehicle transport firms that want to check out the new Kelly KTD drive tire should contact Kelly Tires directly for more information on this product, or drop by a local dealer of Kelly Tires to see if they have some on hand to check out. This new drive tire could be another way to enhance the transport services you provide and reduce the cost of transport tires during the miles ahead.

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