New Auto Transport Life Cycle Analysis Tool

Transport fleets and drivers in the business of controlling car shipping prices looking for another tool to help them keep track of the life cycle costs of the heavy-duty trucks they use to deliver cars on time and budget have a new tool to help them in this task. The NAFA Fleet Management Association has recently released a narrated learning presentation to help explain to transport fleets and drivers car shipping to Puerto Rico and around the country about the intricacies of life cycle cost analysis of the transport vehicles in their fleet. Great news for transport fleets and drivers that have been thinking about looking for a another tool to implement in the battle to control the costs of operating a transport fleet during the months and years ahead in the United States of America.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets is available on a computer flash drive you can take with you and takes about three hours to view, which will include the time required to finish all four review activities included in the analysis, according to the people over at NAFA. It also includes two complete lifecycle cost analysis examples, one using US dollars and miles and the other based in Canadian dollars and kilometers.

The people over at the NAFA Fleet Management Association also believe this new offer will help fleet managers in the business of shipping cars overseas in the United States of America gain a realistic perspective on the future by completing activities using their own transport problems and examples.

Transport fleet operators that want to check out this new offer should contact the people over at the NAFA Fleet Management Association directly for more information on where to find this tool to help them analysis life cycle costs of the transport vehicles they use. This could be your chance to save a little more money and time during the miles ahead on the transport roads of America that could be better used for other tasks.

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