New Auto Transport Universal Joint Assembly

Transport firms and drivers in the business of controlling car shipping prices looking for a new universal joint assembly to help deliver the cars on time and budget during the weeks and months ahead can stop looking. Dana Holding Corporation recently announced they have upgraded Spicer Life Series Driveshafts, with key improvements to the firm’s Spicer Life Series Model 170 universal joint assembly. Great news for transport drivers that ship cars for a living looking for a new universal joint assembly that could help them reduce costs and deliver vehicles in a more efficient manner during the weeks and months ahead in the United States of America.

Dana Holding Corporation has indicated that they have upgraded the performance and durability of the firm’s entire line of heavy-duty universal joints for the transport industry of the United States. The new SPL-170 universal joint assembly now features a new bearing package that includes larger needle bearings for increased capacity and a special Viton synthetic seal to help improve grease retention and make servicing the vehicle easier. Dana Holding Corporation also indicates that the new SPL-170 universal joint assembly includes a new premium synthetic lubricant that provides even greater improvement in bearing life expectancy through the first three-year/350,000-mile lubrication interval.

Transport firms and car haulers that want to check out the changes made to the Spicer Life Series Driveshafts should contact Dana Holding Corporation for more information, or drop by a local dealer of Spicer Life Series Driveshafts to have a look.

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