New Auto Transport Weight Display

American vehicle transport professionals transporting vehicles in the United States of America need to make sure they know the exact on-the-ground weight of the load they’re transporting. Air-Weight has just announced the release of a new in-cab LoadMaxx display that apparently includes all of the Air-Weight scale features you need to do the job, in a small rectangular package about the size of one of your credit cards. Air-Weight indicates that the new LoadMaxx display can be mounted on any flat surface using permanent adhesive tape or an optional dash swivel mount that can be put in even more places. The manufacturer also indicates that the new LoadMaxx display is perfect for transport vehicles where mounting the traditional round gauge weight display in the dash of the truck isn’t feasible.

The new LoadMaxx on-board display is available in both rectangular and round displays, so professionals in the business of vehicle shipping have a choice in the look of their new LoadMaxx on-board scale. Sources around the transport industry and Air-Weight indicate that LoadMaxx on-board scales convert tractor and trailer suspension loads to an accurate on-the-ground weight. Air-Weight also indicates that LoadMax on-board scales are easy to install and operate and the accuracy of their on-board scales isn’t effected by altitude, temperature, or humidity. Programmable alarm outputs warn users of excessive weight on any axle and fleet operators can integrate their on-board computers to LoadMaxx in order to monitor, record and transmit the weight of a car transport vehicle.

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