New Car Shipping Fleet Management Tool

Transport firms and drivers that ship cars already implementing Verizon Wireless enterprise with the transport services they provide customers in North America will be interested in the news that Verizon and Xata are teaming up to provide all transport firms in North America and the world with a new transport specific service. Called Turnpike Fleet Management Solution, the new service combines Xata’s Turnpike fleet management and compliance solution with the services provided by Verizon Wireless enterprise to help auto shipping companies stay in line with the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 during the miles ahead.

This news means that transport firms already implementing Verizon Wireless enterprise in their fleet operations will be able to easily and quickly access Xata Turnpike’s compliance tools in their transport operations. This includes electronic logs to help prevent hours-of-service violations, electronic inspections to help facilitate the prevention of vehicle maintenance violations, and speed management services to provide insight into driver speed versus posted speeds. In addition, transport firms will have access to CSA score cars to help assess and manage overall driver performance and driving behavior alerts to help prevent out-of-service violations for transport firms in the vehicle shipping business during the months and years ahead.

Sources in the transport industry indicate that this new transport solution is compatible with a selection of devices, including a few BlackBerry smartphones. They also indicate that the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also recently identified Xata Turnpike as the lowest-cost electronic on-board recorder (EOBP) solution available for transport fleets to implement during the miles ahead in North America.

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