New Car Transporter Long Haul Truck Tires

The auto shipping rates you charge customers will begin to look insufficient, if you have to pay more to constantly replace truck tires. GITI Tire has just announced the introduction of a new long haul truck tire designed to help you keep customers cars headed to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner as we head into the second decade of the century of the environment in the United States of America. Featuring what GITI Tire calls advanced technology and pattern design to increase resistance to irregular tire wear and extend the life and performance of the truck tire, the new GSL213 is presently rolling down the road to truck tire dealers in America.

Engineers at GITI Tire have apparently added defensive and braking force ribs to the new GSL213 that effectively prevents irregular wear on these new car shipping truck tires. They have also included extra wide and deep treads that have an increased life expectancy due to the special tread compound they implemented in the design of the new GSL213, according to GITI Tire. The new GSL213 is also backed by the new limited GT radial truck tire warranty, which includes a two retread or five-year limited casing warranty and features robust casing allowances.

American car haulers desiring to take a look at the new GSL213 should contact GITI Tire directly or maybe the local truck tire dealer, just in case they have arrived and are available. The new GSL213 truck tire could be just the thing to help you keep a handle on the rates you charge customers and your truck on the road and moving to destination.

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