New Gladhands for Auto Transport Vehicles

Protect your car carriers from the magnesium chloride, road salt, and other chemicals on the highways and roadways of the transport routes of the United States of America with Phillips Industries’ Swinger Gladhands. Phillips Industries’ Swinger Gladhands have been improved to provide even better protection against the wear and tear of the road for transport vehicles with straight or angled gladhands exposed to possible corrosive chemicals on the road, according to the professionals at Phillips Industries’. The people over at Phillips Industries’ indicate that the swinger allows the gladhand to swivel 180 degrees, without kinking the air line, and when the gladhand isn’t being used, it automatically seals to protect the air line from damage. They also indicated that the swivel design with this swinger is available with service or emergency gladhands used by the American car transporter and with Phillips gladhands using a quick release value to release trailer brakes a lot faster than conventional gladhands.

Protecting your transport vehicle from the road salt, magnesium chloride and other chemicals on the highways that you travel down in America is going to enhance the life expectancy of your transport vehicle. Phillips Industries’ Swinger Gladhands could be just the thing to help you achieve this goal in the days and months ahead. Drop by your local Phillips Industries dealer to talk to the professionals on hand about the new Phillips Industries Swinger Gladhands and make an appointment today to have them added to your car transport vehicle. This could be a new product that saves you money down the road and puts a smile on your face as you count the savings.

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