New Navigational Aid for the Car Transporter

Transport professionals that want to keep a handle on auto shipping rates will want to take a look at ALK’s new PC MILER Navigator 550. The newest entry into the company’s third generation x50 lineup of transport-specific professional GPS navigational aids designed to help keep the transport professional on time and budget, the PC MILER Navigator 550 includes information on over 3 million transport restrictions and the ability to customize your route calculations based on the size of the transport vehicle you’re driving and type of vehicles you’re transporting to destination. The designers of the PC MILER Navigator 550 have also included over 7 million entrees about points of interest for transport professional that ship cars on the roads and highways of the United States of America.

The new version of PC MILER Navigator 550 also comes with navigational features that are perfect for keeping the transport professional in America on time an budget, like ClearTurn display with lane indicator arrows and information on the sign posts along the highway and at intersections and highway exits along your route. ALK indicates that PC MILER Navigator 550 provides clear, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, includes a high definition 5-inch widescreen touch display and nice finish to keep the glare to a minimum on the screen. This new device even includes exclusive ALK MapSure services that allow car shipping professionals to download map updates at regular intervals throughout the year and report problems with missing or incorrect roads or addresses that are missing from the data provided by the service.

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