New Piston for the Car Transporter

Transport drivers and firms in the business of shipping cars overseas have a new heavy-duty piston to help improve the fuel economy and lower the emissions of the transport vehicle they operate during the miles ahead in the United States of America. Federal-Mogul has just announced the arrival of the next generation of the Monosteel piston that has been helping transport firms and drivers reduce the cost of transport operations, for years, according to many experts. Called Magnum Monosteel, the new design of this piston reduces the overall weight of the piston by up to 7 percent and includes design features to help reduce friction and fuel costs, while lowering emissions of a car shipping vehicle, according to Federal-Mogul.

Sources around the transport industry of the United States indicate that the Magnum Monosteel piston is currently under going development tests with transport firms in the United States and Europe. Like the original Monosteel, the new Magnum Monosteel pistons have patented dual friction-welded construction, which enables larger cooling galleries for superior high temperature resistance and strength to withstand the highest cylinder pressures found in the modern heavy-duty car transport. The new Magnum Monosteel implements a unique double-band piston skirt design, which according to the engineers and scientists over at Federal-Mogul is the first piston to use this design. The double-band skirt helps to reduce frictional drag and reduces the overall piston skirt area by 40 percent, which is the main reason this new piston is able to reduce overall friction and mass, according to the experts.

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