New Tesla Model S Coming Soon

Elon Musk has been busy on all ends of the spectrum.  First, SpaceX (his company) launched a rocket into space to aid the International Space Station with a resupply of goods.  Then, his other company has scheduled the delivery of Tesla’s first sedan.  Many saw this to be an improbability, even more so than the whole rocket idea, but you know Musk.  You must have reservation to purchase this vehicle on June 22, although the details on actually receiving the car are a little bland at the moment.  Not very often are manufaturers on time or even ahead of schedule for that matter, but it’s looking like Tesla might be ahead of that curve. 

Ever heard of Tesla Fashion Island?  Me either, but apparently it hosted four Model S Beta testers at a signature event on the island a few weeks ago.  It seems that there will be a couple more venues that will host the revealing of the new Model S, including White Plains, NY and five different Canadian cities.

A new technology that was integrated into the new Tesla is “Regen,” which is a regenerative braking system that slows the car when the accelerator is released.  The Wow Factor keeps increasing with this bad boy and word of steering resistance and ride height were also mentioned.  Could you get anymore customizable?  Probably, but what a great way to start things off. 

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