New Way to Find a Better Price for Shipping Goods

Customers needing to ship a vehicle, or just about anything they need shipped, can list their goods on an on line site where carriers take a look at the goods customers need shipped and then make an offer based on the extra cargo space they have that’s not filled. Uship is an on line service that allows customers to save time by not having to make a whole list of phone calls to find the best deal for moving their goods. Instead the carriers bid on the available cargo customers need shipped and the customer decides on which deal is best for them from the available bids.

Apparently, you only need to list your vehicle on the site, decide on the best bid for your job based on the available bids, and then contact the carrier you want to deliver your car and complete the transaction.
This service provides another way for shipping companies to find additional work and fill up the cargo space that was going to sit empty, while making additional revenue at the same time. Large-scale moving and transport companies that have the ability to instantly give a quote on the price of shipping cargo can get more business and increase the visibility of their firm by using this service and with the current depressed situation in the moving industry this is a plus. Registering for this service gives shippers access to more work and increases their visibility in the moving market place and gives customers the ability to find a company to move their goods based on geographic location and the reviews of past customers. Firms can build up a resume of great contacts and reviews of customers they have transported goods for and increase the reputation of their company as they complete each job.

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